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About Steve Swartz

Dr. Swartz is the senior preaching pastor of Grace Bible Church in Bakersfield, California and the featured speaker on Steadfast in the Faith, a teaching ministry based in expository preaching and writing. As an expositional preacher, he has maintained through the decades of his ministry an unwaivering commitment to understanding the Bible in the proper context and theological implications. He had preached extensively in both the Old and New Testaments always with the hope of the Word of God preached causing real changes in real lives with real hurts. He has a firm commitment to the doctrines of grace and reformed theology, staying true to the singular gospel of Christ as expressed by faith alone through grace alone in Christ alone revealed in the Scriptures alone to the glory of God alone.

He is a two-time graduate of The Master's Seminary and brings 25 years of seasoned pastoral and counseling experience to the pulpit. He lives in Bakersfield with his wife, Sylvia, and family. The Swartz family enjoys having guests, cooking together, singing together, and playing games together.

Sermons, Books, & Articles

Steve's sermons can be heard and viewed on the media pages of the Steadfast in the Faith ministry website. Sermons are arranged by topic and Scripture passage.

All books and articles from Steve Swartz, including "Shattered Shepherds" and "Strength in the River", can be found at Steadfast in the Faith.

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Preaching & Teaching Availability

Though he is committed to his own local church, Dr. Swartz occasionally accepts invitations to preach or teach at conferences or seminars. He also conducts pastor training in expository preaching and church leadership.

Please use the methods below to reach or follow Steve Swartz.
Church members are encouraged to call or e-mail the Grace Bible Church reception.